This questionnairre is a concept in order to learn and test for the EU project SUPREM. Please let us know when the questionnairre is not available in your language.

Question 1 of 19: I succeed in successfully completing an assignment if...

I can best agree with an assignment if it is clear and well defined.I can motivate others to pick up the thread again

Question 2 of 19: I can do very well

I like to take the leadI do make sure that I get a leading role

Question 3 of 19: What attracts you more?

A hip busy city.A lonely beach on a lake.

Question 4 of 19: What suits you best?

I only find a task finished when I have realized the purpose of that assignment.I read the newspaper with great interest and like to watch the news.

Question 5 of 19: You go to camp for a few days. What are you most looking forward to?

On the mutual friendships that arise.On the things we are going to see and learn.

Question 6 of 19: Right after school...

I do like to do activities with my friends.I first make sure that my homework is finished.

Question 7 of 19: What do you prefer to do when you're feeling sad?

I find people who have something new to say interesting.I like to discuss my annoyances within my family.

Question 8 of 19: The roles for the annual musical are divided....

I check carefully whether there is a suitable role for meI do make sure that I get a leading role

Question 9 of 19: If you want to work on a task or assignment with attention, what do you expect from your environment?

I like a busy and dynamic environment.I get along most in a quiet and calm environment.

Question 10 of 19: Often I think ...

I think I often do a better job on my own than in a group.I feel safe if I stick to the agreements and rules.

Question 11 of 19: Your teacher puts together a working group...

I make sure that the tasks are distributed fairly.I like to take the lead

Question 12 of 19: Within a group or class assignment...

I can handle it well when others can't deal with my criticism.I often see opportunities to solve an issue earlier than others.

Question 13 of 19: Where do you prefer to go on holiday?

I prefer to go into nature with a backpack with food and drinks and have a great time.I do like to do activities with my friends.

Question 14 of 19: During a discussion or group assignment...

I know for myself that I am often right.Before I start a job, I first make a kind of plan in my head of how I am going to approach this.

Question 15 of 19: If things go wrong in the group...

I like to take the lead if something needs to be done in the group.Together we can find a solution.

Question 16 of 19: I like to......

Getting a job done, my own way and keep up the paceWorking on an assignment together with others in peace

Question 17 of 19: On the way home from school...

I immediately ask a number of friends to do something.I prefer to walk alone to reflect on what we learned at school

Question 18 of 19: The most fun and appealing lessons are those in which...

Working in a team suits me very well.I like it when everything is explained step by step in a lesson.

Question 19 of 19: If you are given a task or assignment and need to be assigned to a team, what do you pay attention to?

I would really look at who I could get the best result with.I would prefer to be assigned to my friends.